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April 28, 2021

Here I am once again climbing over the carnage of the previous year, but some work was still accomplished throughout 2020.
The line art for the new covers of Dragonet books one and two are done, and are in the coloring stage.
The first printed volume of Journey Man was released and is available for order online.
While life last year wiped out most of my free time for art and running this business, I'll keep trying to resume art production, writing and other roles involved with Frank Gunter Illustration.
I won't be posting complete chapters of my webcomics online, just sample pages and promotions of the newest printed volumes for order. The Adventures of Dragonet and Journey Man volume two will only be available in hard copies, with some teaser pages online.
So, fingers crossed I'm back. I'll have more news, website overhauls, roughs or finals of art to display, and how you can pickup books, posters and tees of art that uou like.
Hopefully, once again, updated more often than before.