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The year speeds to a close, as I try to finish new art more quickly and get it online . There's a new Random Gamers actually from 1995, and the last of the old comics that ran in the Game Room Forum newsletter years ago. Yes, the Random Gamers will be back, in full page glory, with all new adventures in the gaming world. They will likely run once to twice a month, though. There is the latest version of The Cape of the Sun in the Fantasy art gallery, hopefully I can finish it by the end of the year-I think it just needs some final cleaning up at this point.
Plans for the new year adding links to the site, comics, on a regular basis as I emerge from the busy work season at my real job, and a section for art downloads (screen art, game aids, or print outs). Also, I will let you know how you can support this site for all the wonderful art and laughs it must bring you. Thats right, help me cover the cost of hosting, bandwidth, equipment, art supplies, so I can bring you-surprise!-more art and humor. Or great comic stories of all kinds. Its been a great year of advances and opportunities for me and I hope for you too. Here's to more in the new year.
Have a safe and happy New Year's celebration and 2006!

New art in the Fantasy Gallery! Check it out and tell me what you think! I must say, it appears a little duller online than the original (and prints!) which are much brighter in the flames and such. It started as a doodle while I was on hold with the telephone...oh well, on to the next project. I must also apologize for missing an update with Mark Lovey during Thanksgiving week. I worked 5 days of overtime that week at my other job, hardly got any sleep, so that's why. It took me a while to catch up on my sleep. By the way, I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving.

Well, the new site design is up, hope ya'll like it. Please note that Mark and Lovey will update a little later this week, due to a change in my other job schedule. I am also putting up the first comic of The Random Gamers which appeared 14 years ago in a little game room newsletter called The Game Room Forum (imagine that). The old comics will be uploaded once each week and then I plan to continue with some new ones. They are based on the real-life adventures of a group of gamers (though the adventures themselves have nothing to do with real life). Just watch the home page for announcements about updates, as my other job is going to be hectic for the next couple of months. I hope you gamers out there enjoy these new toons.
Also to all the participants of MattCon, I hope you had a great time this year!

Time goes too quickly! I've been working on a new version of the website, bringing some of the old art up to par with the new art in the comics section, and hammering out some internet connect problems. I'm sorry for the lack of news. I'm also scanning in some old comics from days of old (early 90's stuff) and hope to clean them up and post them on the site soon. Let me know what you think, and I may restart these earlier titles: The Random Gamers, Killer Dungeon, and the odd gag panel.You can watch for the thumbnails for each on the main page for when they become available. Hope fully some new art will be online in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy gallery very soon. Thanks for your patience!

The remainder of Journey Man-The Dread Book will post when all art is completed. It has taken time and effort away from other projects for too long now. Although I have another story ready, finished art has not caught up. Mark and Lovey will continue to post as usual. Also be on the lookout for my art on display in the downtown Provo storefront galleries late August through October. More details about location and such will be forthcoming. A chance to see the art in person!

Another late update, sorry, had to work a long night at the warehouse when I'm usually finishing and uploading the comic. I must admit that as the busy season starts at my real world job, it will be a challenge to update comics on time. Yeah I know I should of had several weeks worth of comics done before launching online. JourneyMan will likely be late again this next week but will have a nice action sequence. Thanks for your patience.

The weeks go by so fast now. I've just been streamlining links on the site, with a direct link to my store at Yessey. As the comics pile up, I plan to make books available. Other products are in the works. Journey Man will update late this week-Monday the 8th.

Time for an update! Well the new look has been on the road for over a few weeks now and I've made some corrections. A new Mark and Lovey is online! To view past strips, just click on the Previous link above the comic. As I add more updates, and comics archiving becomes necessary, these links will change to reflect more navigation choices. Please note a change in update schedule: Journey Man will be updated every other Saturday, not Fridays as mentioned in my previous news post. I still hope to post it every week in the near future. Mark and Lovey will be updated Mondays. I apologize for the late nite posting of episode three.

Welcome to the new website. I hope you find it more informative, easier to navigate and comfortable for your viewing and shopping pleasure than the older site. This is the page for news about events like specials on prints, art shows where you can see my art in person, and the latest on any of my creative efforts.
As you can see, I've launched two comics, Mark and Lovey, a weekly strip, and Journey Man, a full-page comic I hope to update twice a month. Depending on my class and work schedule, I would like to update it each Friday. More full-color fantasy art is nearing completion, as well as some landscape art.
I am sorry for the long wait in updating this site with any new art, but I had to try a new site design and work out other logistics, such as learning how to design a web page, keep working on the fine art, comics, finishing an on-line class, and going to work at the real world job (the one that pays the bills at this time). Its all a laughable balancing act. Ha-ha-urk! (falls over, clutching chest).
So, I would like to request your patience as I continue to cobble this site together and hammer out a work schedule that will allow regular updates to the content. You can click on the Contact Artist link at the Main Page to send any comments or advice.
Thanks for stopping by!