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I finally got some decent sleep last night, dreaming some vivid dreams. Like a torrent of images and stories. Made some notes when I got up, just hope to get them out and online in some reasonable timeframe. Part of the problem with working on several art projects at once is sometimes I get hung up on several at once. Can't help but switch gears though.

So I got a new Apple low profile keyboard for my mac and so far I love it! My wrists love it too. I love the space it saves. So far, so good. I suffering from artist's block on Journeyman. I've inked, re-inked, drawn and redrawn the pages...I'll keep hammering away at it (sigh).

Journeyman is back! Yes, the comic by me, Frank Gunter! First making its appearance on the web in 2006 (2005?) (and appearing in game room newsletters in the early 1990s), but went on hiatus. Now its back, and I hope to update it once a week, though 2-3 times a month may be more likely with my schedule. I will see about putting up a progress chart so interested readers know when to check for the latest comic!

Announcing: New sizes and prices for art prints! I've been busy sizing and printing art as you can see from the photo below. Its a job wrangling the larger prints off safely and getting it cut right in my small room. I've cleaned out the studio and fixed a table to use as a dust-free/roll loading/print cutting/work area.
Battleship Tank!, is the largest print so far, at 22 x 40 in. (image size) on 26 x 44 in. archival inkjet paper. A smaller version is available-an 11 x 20 in. image on the same type of 13 x 20 in inkjet paper. It looks good to me in an 18 x 24 in. poster frame, anyway.
If you click on a thumbnail above and click buy print you'll be able to see sizes and prices of art for sale. Some of the links are ready; some aren't. They will be added later.

printer photo

Mark and Loveyhas been spun off to its own web site. I plan to build up a buffer of comics and do the same for Journeyman and The Random Gamers. I apologize for the lack of new art to the site, maybe now that most of the html coding is done, I can return to the comic and color artwork that's waiting for me.
This site will be for fine art. Prints are still available. Hopefully I'll be able to juggle the updates to these sites to keep them interesting on a regular basis. More news will be forthcoming, I'm not sure when, hopefully not too long.
Check back, and thanks for visiting!

The web site is properly updated now. Sorry for the confusion.

No, I havn't given up on the comics, They will be moved to comic sites (Look for announcements where) with links from my own site, most likely when the current Mark and Lovey storyline is done (maybe possibly) and a suitable buffer built up for the other comics.