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No, I havn't given up on the comics, just trying to find a way to get them rolling again. I've been busy at the real job, you know, the one that matters, only for extra long hours for the holiday season. So I may be pulled away from updating awhile yet. Journeyman may restart with a new, non-sequiter, non-canon story line if I ever get a good buffer of comics done for it. Just something quick to get it off the ground again. Random Gamers is a little further along, but I don't want to put up a new storyline there until there's a good buffer of completed art. So that's it for now, Journeyman may be back with a simpler, quicker look, I've also been working on color art. I'll try to keep you updated on that. Until next time then...
Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Yeah, its been a while since the last news post. Slowly finishing up artwork, cleaning out the room, or studio, getting some more elbow space. I'd like to announce my making the Top Ten and Picture of the Day spots at ArtWanted.com earlier this month. I'm thankful for the comments and exposure. Also, the finished (fingers crossed) Battleship Tank is up. Coming up next is more robot and dragon art.

My two month old G5 computer was in the Compusa repair shop for about 16 days! I took it into the shop on July the 3rd, spent five days waiting for parts, only to be told it would be another week!...arrgh! It didn't help that the G5 broke down just before a holiday. Though the wide format printers and high-end software are unavailable to me at this time (the G3 is not fast enough to run them), the comics continue (queue sound of valiant marching music)!
The wide format printers are back up, I had to do some power cleaning cycles on them. Saturday I was able to print a digital photo I had taken in the back yard of my Mother's home. I should put it up on the web, in its own gallery, as I have a number of finished photos taken in the Utah valley area.
There was no indication from the computer techs as to why the computer went down. Don't know what, if anything, I should look out for. The first thing I did when the computer was in my apartment again was back up the small but important amount of data to the second hard drive, including some digital photos I had taken. I need to back up that data as well, though.

Mark and Lovey #41 is complete with extra largeness! Extra comics can be good.

Mark and Lovey #41 has been traced to bristol for inking. I hope it will go up soon.

Mark and Lovey #40 should be up, the G3 is holding up so far though its showing some signs of incompatibility with something, not sure if its software (photoshop elements), drivers (epson scan, tablet driver), or hardware (the wacom tablet). I made the mistake of leaving the regular mouse and the tablet plugged in when I started it up today, wouldn't boot. Once I unplugged everything it booted, though more slowly than usual. Oh well, at least the comic should be up and I have a clue about the next round of obstacles. Also, Mark and Lovey #41 is roughed out and waiting in the wings.

Well, I've inked Mark and Lovey #40 and scanned it into the older computer. The news so far from the shop is the G5 is waiting for some replacement parts. Setting up this old G3 took some time, but at least I have a chance of uploading strip # 40 by today.

Mark and Lovey #39 has been completed! I had hoped to finish the first year of Mark and Lovey with the fiftieth strip, and though I completed two strips a week on occassion, I've still fallen short. Anyway, here's a happy first year on the web with Mark and Lovey. In other news, early Monday morning my two month old G5 computer died on me without warning! The second time in two months! Ugh! I never had this much problems with Macs. Its in the shop right now, I'm waiting for word on what's wrong. I'm fortunate to have a second mac, an 1999 vintage G3 computer that I bought at a thrift store for $10 and souped up. So I'm not going completely stir crazy. I'm able to update the site somewhat. Its just a matter of what hardware and software it can run that I normally used with the much newer and faster G5 computer to produce the comic.

Sorry again for not updating. I've allowed myself to get sidetracked by upgrading computers, selling old equipment, buying (too much) new equipment, and wandering the web for upgrade bargains, machine specs and compatibility issues, tech support...bleah. So I hope that latest round of distractions are over, and I can get back to work. Did I mention I had to rearrange the studio and run around town to sell off stuff? More hours slipped away. Anyway, I still work to get ahead with the comics, and finish color artwork as well. So much to do...

I apologize for the lack of news updates. Since late March, I've been breaking in a new inkjet printer, getting supplies for it, and trying to square it away in a corner of my studio. The old equipment can be sold and moved out properly now (Anyone interested in an epson wide format inkjet printer?). I'm also working on more full color art, and hope to have it on the site soon. There is a chance I will rework the site design and put a comic on the front page, etc., but that is a while away. I've also been working on greeting cards, and want to get those on the site, hopefully that will be soon also.

The comic pages for Journey Man have been reformatted (but not added to for now), for easier online reading and faster loading. Printed versions will likely stay full size (that is full page comic format). The The Random Gamers pages have been reworked as well. As these comics go back to 1991, the first pages don't represent the best I have to offer, but be patient as I have several new comic pages in the works. I am hoping to build up a buffer of finished art and redo some older Mark and Lovey art. And I havn't forgotten a downloads page!

Well, the site is being revamped, some buttons and pages come and go. Graphics get slimmed down. I hope to try out some thumbnails as I get the desktop art finished, that will connect anyone interested to downloads. Seems a little easier that way. New art is one the way, I hope to return to a more frequent update schedule for the comics, things will be busy as I prepare for the Life, the Universe, and Everything Symposium at Brigham Young University in Provo, February 16-18. I hope to have some cool pictures in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy art show. See you there.

The paypal button is up, your chance to support this site! As I iron out the details of this, let me know if there's something you would like to see, for example, a desktop version of one of my color prints, comics wallpaper, something holiday oriented, whatever. I plan to keep track of contributors and email/ship them art as the case may be.
I am also trying out new lettering styles with the comic Mark and Lovey. Check it out and let me know what you think.