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June 8, 2020

Well, what a trip the last few months have been. I'd like to announce The Journey Man is now in print and available at Amazon, color cover, 102 black and white pages with four new story pages not seen online and another page of exclusive splash art (Gen the Lyran war machine with a gatling gun) in the back. More volumes will follow as I continue to improve pages, add more art, and pick up where I left off to continue The Journey Man saga.
I'm especially excited because this clears the way for me to get back to my other webcomic, Dragonet.

January 24, 2020

What have I been doing lately...besides recovering from some illness (flu? pneumonia?), working a full time job, prepping comic pages for final publication. I've also been practicing hand inking art, something I've not done in too long. My schedule was always uncertain and busy, so I went with the speed of digital art. While I didn't have to worry about cleaning brushes and pens, or just hitting the redo buttons on the computer to correct some digital ink line, I missed the traditional art connection.
Above you see the practice hand inked art on the left. I've made lots of notes, and plan to hand ink it again, hopefully to get the final, one of a kind, finished art. I'll then offer it for sale. I then plan to hand ink, even paint other pages from the Dragonet book series and offer them for sale. They'll also be scanned and offered as prints.

I'm also over half way through prepping the pages of The Journey Man for print. Soon I hope to send them to a publisher for a proof copy. I'll certainly have posts and video about that when it happens. The next step will be offering the first volume of my first graphic novel for sale.

So, keep an eye on this website. I know my updates can be unpredictable or far apart. That's usually because I'm hard at work on an art project.
So thanks for your visits and support. I hope to have more news soon.
A lot of year end site clean up has been done, what started as a simple shift of the news archives has turned into a site wide link update and fix. I've removed some redundant links and most importantly updated links on my book publishing page to take visitors directly to my book sales page, which is currently Amazon.com.
Amazon has done away with Createspace a while ago.
February 2020 will be the ten year anniversary of Dragonet the webcomics launch, so this year I'll have new editions of the first and second books with new covers, plus (hopefully) the fourth book of Dragonet available in February of 2020. So later this year I hope to have some special promotions. Thanks for visiting!