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December 20, 2019

Here's some art I've been working on, a bit of a preview of whats to come with the new covers for Dragonet books one and two, plus an all new Journey Man volume. Due to the rough schedule of work and many other life changes, releases of these books is pushed into next year. I'm tentatively hoping for a February release of Journey Man volume one, as it seems the cover is close to wrapping up. I'll just have to compile the pages, do last minute editing, and it'll be ready.

Thanks again for stopping by. I'm feeling better as more gets done.

November 28, 2019

Here's some photos of the studio in its new location. Production is slowly getting back into gear, as the working space is set up and art now getting back online. A lot still pulls me away from the art but I hope to be coloring the new covers for Dragonet book one and two (for which the front cover line art is done), as well as Journey Man volume one.

So, thanks for visiting, I hope there'll be more to come soon.

July 31, 2019

Time for some new art...line art for my icon on the video website. I am still stuck trying to move, and working as usual on a full time job. I am anxious to resolve things, but finding a new place is the hold up. I don't know how things will work out, part of me hopes they will. Then I'll be able to relocate the studio and really get production back in gear again! Thanks again for checking back.

July 1, 2019

What have I been doing... I've been preparing to move and sell a house. I've been getting overtime at the real world job. Throwing away the household accumalation of twenty years or more. I'm stuck between two places.
When I've settled in a new place and set up the studio I plan to get back to the art and comics like Dragonet and Journey Man. I hope that will be the end of this August.
I hope to restart work on the next Dragonet book at that time, though I'm not sure about updates online like before. I also hope to release the first printed book of my Journey Man series this fall.
A later project is a full color, new version of the first chapter of Dragonet with all new art. What comes after that I don't exactly know, but I do know I've got a lot of stories of Dragonet and Journey Man to tell and art to create. More adventures of the young Dragonet, the continuing arc of the current story, and a return of the odyssey of the Journey Man.
So I will be back. I thank anyone who visits the site to follow my art and comics. There's a lot more to come.

March 30, 2019

March has flown by, and I've been busy at a full time real world job, while working on this website and the webcomic Dragonet when I can. I hope to give this site a new look and tie off loose ends like cast pages for the webcomics.
The tenth anniversary of the debut of Dragonet is approaching. I can't believe its been ten years and all thats happened. I had planned to produce one thousand pages of comics by now, but I've only completed a little over eight hundred. A lot of reworking and refining had to be done to prepare art for printing in book form. Despite the work I'm glad I began this venture ten years ago. I hope you enjoyed the stories I've had to tell.
There is more on the way, and some special announcements coming soon too. So, be sure to check back. Thanks.

February 1, 2019

I must sadly announce the delay of the reboot of the Journey Man online series. I've had to acquire a new real life job and the schedule is pushing my creative efforts to the back burner. So, I'm not sure when Journey Man the webcomic will restart. That's the bad news.
The good news is I'm almost done with the cover for the first printed volume of Journey Man, its been delayed also but its moving forward.
I hope for a debut by the end of March, and the book will have improved art plus five pages of new art not available online. So I appreciate your visits, and hope to find some way to continue with these projects before too long. Thanks.

January 17, 2019

A lot of year end site clean up has been done, what started as a simple shift of the news archives has turned into a site wide link update and fix. I've removed some redundant links and most importantly updated links on my book publishing page to take visitors directly to my book sales page, which is currently Amazon.com.
Amazon has done away with Createspace a while ago.
February 2020 will be the ten year anniversary of Dragonet the webcomics launch, so this year I'll have new editions of the first and second books with new covers, plus (hopefully) the fourth book of Dragonet available in February of 2020. So later this year I hope to have some special promotions. Thanks for visiting!

January 14, 2019

I've mentioned fixing the website before, some of the old art in my gallery has been cycled out if anyone is wondering where it went. If you would like to see it, I've moved it to my gallery at the art hoster Artwanted. I've also had new art to display here, and didn't want to crowd my gallery. I may redo the Arch Angel art, even create a small series. So we shall see, as I can squeeze it into my crowding schedule.

January 12, 2019

2018 will be moved into the news archives soon. Here’s my 2019 art plans. I’m done with the major overhaul of art for the first printed volume of Journey Man, volume 1, which will have the first three chapters of the Journey Man saga. It has five pages of new art exclusive to the printed book that won’t be online. Many of the other pages have been completely redone and the art greatly improved. It adds up to one hundred pages of story, a new galactic map, a splash art page and a color cover. All that remains is finishing a cover, then get a printed proof. I hope it will be ready around the end of January or so.

Since the major overhaul of Journey Man is done (the first three chapters for print) I hope to update my other webcomics more regularly. There has been a lot going on in my real life this year, as there was last year, that completely upended my schedule. So here goes with 2019, fingers crossed.

I have a lot of illustrations in the works, and hope to add tee shirt printed with original art here or through another site that prints tee designs. Prints of my art will still be available as well, in more finishes and with longer lasting archival options.

I’ve been trying to fix up this site as well, hopefully mending all the broken links. Be sure to look me up on Patreon if you’d like to support what I do here, you’ll see new art there first when you become a patron, and some that you won’t see here, for as long as I’m on Patreon. So keep checking for news and announcements for any changes that come in the new year. You can follow me here, or at facebook and twitter.(you may have to sign in to see my pages)

Thanks for all your visits and support. I hope you all have a good new year.