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October 23, 2015

I apologize for no news in so long, just involved with illustration jobs, trying to keep my art projects alive, sort out some family duties, and try to shoehorn in a life.

I'm in the process of relaunching a blog on blog spot, formerly about my webcomic Dragonet but will be changed to cover some of my hobby pursuits. Because I need some hobbies. More on that to be announced.

I've had a while to try out the new computer equipment used to produce the digital art, website, etc. Its nice, I'm using a couple of mini computers that replace the big box heater workstation, and I'm down to just the one monitor for now instead of the two I had.

Its strange having the mini computers, they are nearly as powerful as the old, big, 2007 era workstation.

The old monitor set up was redundant before, but necessary as one screen was the old, low-res wacom cintiq, the other monitor a high resolution screen needed for producing quality art. But...it all got sold and used to pay for the new. The electric bill looks nicer too.

January 23, 2015

Finally launching for a new year. I've been busier since the middle of August 2014 with paying art assignments.

I'm also switching over to new computer and studio equipment. Some of which became more drawn out as my upgrading coincided with product release cycles by their respective companies.

While the delay was annoying waiting for the latest equipment I avoided paying the same amount for old technology.

Hopefully by the end of this month production will be ironed out as my studio gets organized.

So, thanks for stopping back, I hope to be back in the saddle fairly soon. Here's to a fine new year.