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April 28, 2021

I've been sorting, working on art and the website to relaunch my comics Dragonet and Journey Man. Its been too long, my apologies for the absence. As I've said before, I'll be posting sample art and pages of the comics on my site here, but not the entire comic. I'll provide news and updates of when the printed volumes (which will still include multiple chapters and exclusive art) will be available for purchase. So with today's update heres some rough art of the next print I'll also be working on.
I certainly hope to get back to work on this art and story thats been on my mind and in my dreams for over ten years now. I hope to say, Dragonet is back.

Dragonet the Story

A wizard kills a rampaging dragon and finds a dragon hatchling in the lair. He takes a fantastic gamble- to raise a Dragon! Will Dragonet learn to live in the world of men, tame the beast within and claim her dragon heritage? As Dragonet grows, she must face many evils that threaten the world-and the future of all dragons!