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Happy Holidays, best of wishes to all.


Argh, my computer died! Switching to backup computer, tomorrow I will find out more I hope...


Sorry for the lack of updates I'm working extra hours at my regular job. Here is a little thumbnail of my latest color work, still in the rough stages, though, tentatively called Net Angel.


Random Gamers page 2 is hopefully up.


Some site work, hopefully everything will work-Fantasy life will be an occassional comic, it will be sporadic in updating. The Random Gamers will hopefully run on a weekly basis. More news to come later.


New Art: The Doomed hope. the front line of a unit going to battle.


If you are interested in prints of any art displayed here, note that shipping is included with price on Artwanted. Each print is shipped in its own archival quality protective clear envelope, rolled in a sturdy 3 inch tube. Purchasing options are up for the latest painting (Dragonet) on my ArtWanted.com site.


Dragonet art is finished and online for your perusal.


Art posting, and some News...

Apologies for not updating the site in a while. New art online is Pegasus, a pen and ink I did while working my vendor's table at a local convention back east, in 1996. Just click the thumbnail above. I've been away for several reasons, sucked into blog land, reading on news and current events, trying to finish my Dragonet painting, looking at computer equipment and trying to plot a way to pay for it, and just vegetating.
Yeah, I know, lousy excuses.
The Random Gamers webcomic will return to the web soon, watch for the logo at the right. It first debuted in a game room newsletter in the early 90's, then on the web in 2004(?). That was another thing that distracted me: I lost the original web logo for the comic. I don't know how long I spent trying to find it among 14 gigabytes of art and reference files on my computer, and that was with a search command. Probably got erased on an external drive I sold off...sigh.
So yes, I hope to have the final Dragonet full color painting up soon, hopefully before next week. Thanks for stopping back.


Taking a sketch pad with me for something to do if I have to wait a while to vote. Maybe get to draw some fantasy voters! Maybe post them too.


Dragonet...the color version preview (removed-final is in gallery above).

A final rough is taking shape and I wanted to post something for Halloween. There's still work to do on it, but not much (I hope). Prints will be about 13 x 22 in. Also I hope to make some changes to the print prices soon, keep watching...


New art-Castle Hall

Aother simple pen and ink from 2000. I was always interested in the mazes and twisting passages as a little kid. But could curiosity be...dangerous?


New art-The Wizard

A simple pen and ink from 2000 of a wizard in his quarters. Just click on the newest thumbnail.


New Art

Another original pen and ink piece from the past. It's supposed to be sci-fi/cyber punk because of the flying car in the background. You know, the one above the woman's head...


New Art

Some new art in the Nature section. Something of Galactic proportions! Though the picture itself is quite small.


Where have I been, part two...

Okay, some things have been going on but I wasn't that busy. I've been helping with some minor repairs at my mother's home, getting it ready for winter. I've been spending likely too much time following the news online. I have, however, been hammering away at some color art, and I may be over the hard part of the latest Dragonet color art. Aside from an annoying cold and sore throat that's about it. I've uploaded some sketches and new art, so check it out if you like.


The Download Page News!

The Download page is now open. I hope to add some more desktop art. Donations are appreciated. Any amount is acceptable. I thank you for any support in making this website possible. Please read the short acknowledgement and click through to where you can click and drag the art to your desktop.



Sorry for not updating in three weeks...I' ve been busy painting more color digital art and ironing out issues with it, wrestling with the printers, taking photos and processing them, and fiddling around with a halloween costume. I've also been looking at new equipment to put my art onto tee shirts and make them available, though that will have to wait. I do have a heat press but it needs repaired. The "studio" also got rearranged, as I was getting claustrophobic and it was just a mess. Its cleaned up now, organization is slightly improved but there's only so much I can do with limited space.

Below is a portion of the latest art I'm working on-a color Dragonet.

About the Downloads...I know there is a download link at the top of this page that goes nowhere. I've made some desktop pictures from my art but was not satisfied with the results. Its just gotten put on a back burner for now with all thats going on. I hope to have something up very soon, however.

Also was busy selling off some remaining old computer equipment-then went to the local thrift store where they had more old equipment for sale (newer versions of old computers! OOOhhh!). But I resisted the temptation and didn't buy any more junk.

Also coming soon...The Sketch Page...just quick sketches and previews, of art to come.


Okay, fixed access to Mark and Lovey today. An old page version slipped in...should work fine now.


Sorry for not updating in a while. So much art to do. Plus, sold off a bunch of old computer equipment yesterday. Had to wait around and work with buyers. Though I was glad for the extra income. Anyway, besides working on a new website, and some color art, here is a splash page for one of the comics. Its called Dragonet. I'm not sure when I'll be putting it up.
Prints will be available, (probably 12 x 18 in.) so email me if you are interested.


Mark and Lovey 139 is up! Its a full page, please be patient as it loads. I hope you enjoy!


Mark and Lovey 139 has been penciled, it'll be a full and final page of The Revenge of Dr. Devil story arc. I will try to have it up by Saturday. Mark and Lovey will go on a hiatus with the exception of me posting some sketches of characters and scenes (possibly of future episodes) and art for products perhaps (Tees? Books? Let me know). I will be reworking/correcting the old strips and starting the next story, which will be a while (I just want to have it done so I can post it more often during the week and not worry so much about running out of buffers). I must mention that I have not decided which comic I'll start with next. It could be Journey Man, Random Gamers, or several others I have in production along with all the color art I working on. More announcements to come about that hopefully soon. Thanks for visiting!


Mark and Lovey 138 is done and posted. Just a couple of strips to go to wrap up this story. Perhaps a full page at the end? Sorry I was late again. More news to come, perhaps later tonight or tomorrow...


Mark and Lovey 137 is up! How do the adventurers fare? Is it really over?...


Mark and Lovey 136 is up!. Sorry to drag things out, just busy.


Mark and Lovey 135 is up! If the webcomic updates seem tardy, I've been restarting my digital painting in earnest. That needs to remain the focus of this website, I believe, although I do love to do comics, and will continue to do so, though I'll use a lot more planning and preparation, and have a bigger buffer of strips/pages/whatever. More news on that to come.

News 3.3.08

Mark and Lovey 108 is up! The comic updates by Saturday. Sorry for the lack of updates. I guess there were three reasons for it. 1: Taxes. 2: Finished a big color project, let myself go (always have a follow up project ready). 3: Some kind of seasonal blues thing, worse in that it was hitting me after all the dim, cold winter nights and when spring was about to begin. At least the sunny days we had here were a shot in the arm. Anyway, I did some self pondering on future projects and may have come up with some answers. Stand by for some news.
Oh...and get ready for a flashback in the next strip of Mark and Lovey...to the origin of Dr. Devil!