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August 19, 2014: Page 23 has been roughed and lettered.

April 9, 2014

Welcome, this is the cover page for Dragonet, I'll have news and announcements here for updates or just some art in general, with a link to the latest pages. I hope this will move the tale forward as I try to tame my own schedule.

Chapter 9: The Adventures of Dragonet

Dragonet sets off on her own to quest for the lore of the dragons.
However her family is about to return to their ancestral territory-lands now part of the Holy Roman Empire!
Time is short, the road ahead is filled with fiends, friends, and trials as Dragonet seeks her fortune and place in the wide world!

The story of Dragonet

A wizard kills a rampaging dragon and finds a dragon hatchling in the lair. He takes a fantastic gamble- to raise a Dragon! Will Dragonet learn to live in the world of men, tame the beast within and claim her dragon heritage? As Dragonet grows, she must face many evils that threaten the world-and the future of all dragons!