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The move is done, the studio set up, and internet access restored. Some minor electrical problems required a visit by an electrician. The problems turned out to be minor but enough to delay plugging in any computers for a couple extra days. Journey Man returns this Monday. Sorry for the hiatus and thanks for your visits.


The next full page is done, however as things are packed away and being moved I must take down this computer and leave. I will try to get the computer up and the site updating as soon as possible, I'm just not sure when that will be as I'll be busy. Thanks again for stopping by.


Sorry I am unable to update as usual, I am getting ready to move, sell off computer equipment, and job hunt. I will try to keep this webcomic going, the next full page is about half done. I may want to update it a page at a time in the future, as it is a long form story line.

Thanks for visiting.