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January 8, 2018

Writing continues on the next chapters of Dragonet. It is getting involved as I hunt down the many notes on characters, scenes, various episodes I've filed over the years (there are many files) and try to fit them all together with some continuity. A lot of adventures remain for Dragonet and my other comic character, Journey Man. Family medical issues continue and care becomes more involved, but that is the way it goes. I work while I can, with much less time available or a predictable schedule for projects like art for now.
But the work goes on. When there is a new chapter completed it could post daily. Story production, though more complicated now with so many more plots, scenes and characters, is getting done and removing one more delay from going forward.
I appreciate anyone who continues to follow Dragonet or my other projects. I hope to have more news and progress reports in the near future. Thanks for your visits and support.