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January 20, 2016

Hit with a nasty intestinal bug yesterday. All I can do to rest and keep hydrated. Feeling better later in the evening though. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I will try, try to update later this week :P

January 17, 2016

There will be an update this week...family and technological issues cropped up again, I hope they are resolved. I even had trouble updating this page. Anyway, there is a lettered rough page done and it just needs inked. Thanks for your patience.

January 7, 2016

The story of Dragonet

A wizard kills a rampaging dragon and finds a dragon hatchling in the lair. He takes a fantastic gamble- to raise a Dragon! Will Dragonet learn to live in the world of men, tame the beast within and claim her dragon heritage? As Dragonet grows, she must face many evils that threaten the world-and the future of all dragons!