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February 15, 2010

I've been attending the Life, The Universe and Everything writer's symposium in Provo, Utah this weekend. It's been loaded with helpful seminars with artists and writers in the industry. Its also good to get out. In other news the first page of Journey Man, Abominon is done. I am also finally...finally starting to wrap up the Journey Man Dread Book story. I had slapped on an unsatisfactory ending at the time and then found myself unable to rough out the ending I wanted. It wasn't until I was waiting in a doctor's office that I finally sketched out some thumbnails that nailed it. Along with, again, a cover that I hope will work...this time. Work also continues on Dragonet, so I hope you enjoy reading it and checking out the rest of the website. I hope to keep updating as often as possible. 'Til next time!