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February 6, 2010

Night is falling, and the dragons raid.

Work continues on Dragonet and now Journey Man pages which should restart fairly soon. The more I work at this, the easier the challenging pages become. I am picking up more solutions from the Adobe Illustrator user forums online so I can use the software more effectively. Sometimes Illustrator's help manual is a little sparse or even leaves out a step.

I should say that since I'm making progress in using this tool, the look of Dragonet may change-but it's alright, since it will be developing into more of what I wanted from the start.

I had wanted to launch Dragonet later this summer, when more bugs were worked out, but seeing other creators announcing projects this spring I felt I had to launch now or look like a knock off, or never get done.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pages and thanks for your visit!